Under the Void
2016-7, c 20 mins, for flute, oboe, clarinet (doubling bass), bassoon, horn, trombone, 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, bass, piano, 2 percussion.
recording available on: TIM HODGKINSON : UNDER THE VOID (2019, ReR) ReRTH4 UK
score: Under the Void

Hard without I
2015, c 9.20 mins, solo bass clarinet.
Recorded by Tim Hodgkinson for CUTS CD, 2015.
score: bass clarinet instructions: for player

2014, c 13.30 mins, string quartet, horn, trombone, piano and percussion.
Premiered at Tectonics Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Oct 31st 2014, by Israel Contemporary Players Ensemble, conducted by Ilan Volkov.
score: Azim Score instructions: Azim Instructions

de Yoknapatawpha
2003-4, c 12 mins, 2 clarinets (one doubling bass clar) & piano.
recording available on: TIM HODGKINSON : SKETCH OF NOW (2006, MODE) MODE 164 USA
score: Yoknapatawpha Score

The Road to Erzin
jan 1999, c 15 mins, for viola, piano, alto saxophone, percussion (2 players) & live sound processing.
recording available on: TIM HODGKINSON : SANG (1999, ReR) ReR TH2 UK
score: Erzin Score instructions: Erzin Instructions