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Feb 3, CTM Festival, Berlin, with Hyperion Ensemble

Feb 12, Music and the Myth of Wholeness published by MIT.

March, Working with Fabien Prioville Dance Company on La Suite with Nikola Kodjabashia, Chris Cutler, and Emma Bonnici

Jan to May, Write large piece Under the Void for Phoenix Ensemble.

April 23, quartet with Paul May, Denman Maroney and Dominic Lash in Bordeaux.

May 5, Duo with Fred Frith at Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka Fest at Zagreb Student Centre

May 21, Angelica Festival, Bologna, with Konk-Pack

Work on La Suite in Wuppertal and Bonn.

June 5, Resonance Radio with Marina Organ, Yumi Hara

June 11, Copenhagen Skraep Fest, with P.O. Jorgensen and Martin Klapper

June 14, Iklectik, London, with Zink: trio with Hannah Marshall and Paul May.

June 16, book launch at University of East London, with performance with Yumi Hara.

June 17, Iklectik with Yumi Hara, John Greaves, Geraldine Swayne

Aug 17, Konk Pack at Blow Out festival, Oslo

Aug 19, trio with Andrea Parkins and Stale Solberg

Sep 2, Konk Pack @ Cafe Oto

Sep 3, Konk Pack at Fort Process festival, Newhaven.

Sep 9, trio in Hamburg with Gunnar Lettow and Korhan Erel

Sep 18 to Oct 1, work on La Suite in Dusseldorf.

Oct 13, Konk Pack play Autumn Jazz festival at the Dom, Moscow

Nov 4-9, rehearals and performance of Diamond project in Fredrikstad, Norway,

Nov 19-2, duo with Alfed Zimmerlin and participation in debate in Comprovise as part of Wien Modern festival.

Nov 22, duo with Birgit Ulher at Iklectik, London.

Nov 25-26, concerts at New River Studios with Hyperion Ensemble, premier of new piece Gymnos.

Nov 27, with Hyperions at Cafe Oto, second performance of Gymnos.

Nov 28, Conway Hall with Hyperions

Dec 2, Berlin Berghain CTM series with Hyperions.

Dec 16, solo concert and book launch at Souffle Continu, Paris.


Working on (provisionally 3-movement) piano concerto to be played by Daan Vandewalle..

March 23, bass clarinet with Hyperion Ensemble in Bucharest.

April, teach course at Cagliari Conservatoire on Shamanism and Technology.

April-May, run improvisation workshops at Split with S/UMAS contemporary music ensemble, leading to performance at Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka Festival Zagreb.

May 6, play Tectonics Festival Glasgow in trio with Shelley Hirsch and Paul May.

May-June, write Palace of Projects, commissioned by Hoca Nasreddin, Istanbul, for voice, tenor saxophone, and kaval.

June, composition workshop at ON Buro, Koln, and solo concert at Stadtgarten.

Aug 17, Konk Pack play Le Bruit de la Musique Festival, France.

September, Hyperion Ensemble at Enescu Festival, Bucharest, and Kanjizsa Festival, Serbia, on September 16: first performance of new piece Chorismos.

Sep 26, Polish Radio concert at Warsaw: second performance of Chorismos.

Sep 30, Hyperion Ensemble at Sacrum et Profanum Festival, Krakow, conducted by Iancu Dumitrescu and Ilan Volkov.

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