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January: Bass clarinet with Hyperion Ensemble at Cafe Oto.

Konk Pack at Berlin Exploratorium.

Konk Pack also participate in improvising pool with Alexander Frangenheim, Ute Wassermann, Tobias Delius, Achim Kaufmann...

February: The Boat with ZINC trio with Hannah Marshall and Paul May.

Work on book on aesthetics and writing piece for clarinet(s) and ring-modulator.

April: new K-Space CD Black Sky released on Setola di Maiale label, recorded live in Catania, Sicily.

June: ZINC at the Horse. (series curated by Adam Bohman.)

Sep: Bucharest with Hyperions, at George Enescu International Festival XXI, conducted by Ilan Volkov.

Sep 20th: duo with Moshi Honen at Club Integral

Further development work with Paulo Martini in Norway for theatre piece

Oct: Konk Pack tour USA from Boston to San Diego and release new CD Doing the Splash on Megaphone label (Baltimore, USA)

Oct 24: ZINC studio recordings.

Oct 30: Berlin with Hyperion Ensemble at Spectrum XXI Festival

Nov 1: NK Berlin with Hyperion Ensemble: premiere of Ricochet

Nov 7: London Conway Hall w Hyperion Ensemble and Bergersen Quartet: Ricochet 2nd performance.

Nov 11: The Horse, duo w Dario Sanfilipo

Lecture at Goldsmiths on Recursivity

Concerts at Goldsmiths and Club Integral w Dario Sanfilipo


Quartet w Dom Lash, Denman Maroney, Paul Lytton; Jan 6th, Vortex London, 7th: Colchester Arts Centre

8th Bristol Arnolfini, and 9th Canterbury Vegbox.

Onsets released on Mode: new electro-acoustic pieces performed by Hyperion Ensemble and Ne(X)tworks.

March 12th Perform with Hyperion Ensemble at Athens Onassis Cultural Centre.

Apr 2 perform with Yoni Silver and a recording of Harry Gilonis at opening of David Connearn show at Patrick Heide Gallery, London.

Apr 3 Perform with Iancu Dumitrscu and Anamaria Avram at Cafe Oto.

May 12th rehearsals in Norway continue.

June, Konk Pack tour France, Switzerland, Germany.

Enterico Trio perform at the Horse, and the Castello.

July, ZINC perform at the Horse.

September perform in duo at Laure Genillard Gallery with Yumi Hara.

Konk Pack in Brussels and Paris fest

October 26 - Nov 1st, Tel Aviv. Duo with Eran Sachs, performances with Hyperion Ensemble,

perform in Chris Cutler P53 piece with Maya Dunietz, Chris and Israeli Contemporary Players Ensemble.

World premier of my piece AZIM conducted by Ilan Volkov.

Improvisation workshop at UCSD and trio with Anthony Davies and Mark Dresser

Duo with Ramon Amezcua at Bonnie Wright FRESH SOUND, SD.

CNMAT, Berkeley, trio with Matthew Goodheart and Ken Ueno.

Mills Music Now 2014-5 Series at Mills College, Oakland. Nov 8th 2014.

GUSHe + For the Ghosts of Departed Quantities for solo clarinet. world premier

duo with Chris Brown at SFsound.

Konk Pack play Schio and Forli.

Late November Lindsay Cooper Project, Barbican Centre, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Forli Theatre.


Finishing my book MUSIC AND THE MYTH OF WHOLENESS for MIT press.

End of May, Cafe Oto with Fred Frith

July 23, concert with Albert Kuvesin's Yat Kha, at Richmix, London: in memoriam Gendos Chamzyryn.

Hyperion Ensemble at Enescu Festival, Bucharest. Also Budapest Experimental Festival October 1st.

Theatre piece Hard and Fragile like a Diamond in Fredrikstad, Norway, August 24th - September 13th, then October 4th - 25th.

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