free improvisation, modes of playing, gestures
summer 2018

Music and the Myth of Wholeness
book due out on MIT Press, February 2016

the tasks of a composer
first published in "Cosmic Orgasm - The Music of Iancu Dumitrescu"
ed. Andy Wilson. (London: Unkant, 2013)

Transcultural Collisions
presented at the symposium "Shamanism: Siberia at the Centre of the World"

Musicians, Carvers, Shamans
from Cambridge Anthropology, Vol 25, no 3, 2005/2006

Sibérie, Cybernétique, Si bémol
Conférence tenue le 7 août 2004 à Brassy (Nievre - France)
à l'occasion du Festival Fruit de Mhère

Shamanism and Improvisation
English version of above

Sampling, Power & Real Collisions
Resonance, 5(2) 1996

Interview with Pierre Schaeffer
ReR Quarterly 2, 1, 1987

Technology and the Tradition of European Art Music
ReR Quarterly 2,1, 1987